Cloud & Data Center Transformation Solution


IT transformation is critical to business success, and the cloud is playing an increasingly important role in innovative transformation strategies. Our Cloud & Data Center Transformation Solutions help you capitalize on cloud resources, including envisioning the ideal platform mix, transforming existing infrastructure, and managing and optimizing the solution.

Your cloud decisions have huge impact.

The way your business leverages cloud technology has the potential to fundamentally transform both customer experiences and employee interactions.

  1. Data Insights – Support next-generation analytics engines, machine learning and artificial intelligence to get better data acumen with advanced processing.
  2. Fast Scalability – Grow your business quicker without technology bogging you down. You’ll be able to support new revenue streams and react swiftly.
  3. IT efficiency – Reduce your IT footprint and offload maintenance responsibilities by outsourcing to trusted partners and implementing as-a-service models.

Our Offering

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  4. Backup as a Service (BaaS)
  5. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

<< Transform your data center. Our team of experts will help you develop a roadmap to optimize your infrastructure and achieve operational excellence. >>

Workforce Transformation

A Modern Workplace increases employee productivity, empowers communication and collaboration, reduces administrative overhead, and provides a personalized employee experience. Our solution can help your team with secure access to applications, services, and information – on demand – from any device and any location.


Pentech Cloud Collaboration 2.0

The cloud-based ready enterprise business process forms and workflow which build on Office 365 platform is a cost-effective, secure, and robust workplace platform that should be the foundation of your Digital Workplace. Our holistic workplace modernization approach is focused on delivering employee-enablement and business outcomes. We begin with assessing your current IT environment, your stakeholder requirements, business processes and workflows, and then work with you to create an end-to-end solution that includes the design, implementation, training and on-going support for your Office 365 Modern Workplace platform.


PentTrack Solution

The success of many businesses comes down to accountability and efficiency. Every manufacturing or maintenance and repair organization (MRO) is faced with similar challenges to job and work order status tracking – lost orders, incorrect builds and delays are all typical results of an inferior tracking system. Having a robust Work in Process (WIP) system in place will help you meet compliance mandates, be prepared for any potential recalls or issues and increase efficiency to provide better customer service.


With PenTrack Solution you can provide your business with the means to track vital manufacturing data in real-time. Improve build accuracy and reduce labor costs by providing your employees with all the information they need with no paperwork and less procedural steps. Start making more strategic decisions based on the status of every phase of your production process.


Key Benefits of a PenTrack Solution?

Efficiency – Automate aspects of your process while eliminating paperwork.

Accuracy – Reduce errors from manual or missed input data.

Traceability – Know what stage every item is at in your facility with real-time information.

Productivity – Accomplish more throughout the day with a streamlined and automated process.


Pentech Business Intelligence Solution

Why do companies need a data warehouse?

With companies embarking on digital transformation of their business operations, almost every business process is becoming dependent on a multitude of IT systems and the data those systems record and maintain. For companies to operate efficiently and achieve their goals, employees from top-level executives to individual contributors need efficient access to data and analytics that provide actionable insights into how a company is operating, areas of risk or concern and opportunities for competitive advantage. The information these people need comes from many different source systems, but for it to be easily accessible for analytics, companies need the data aggregated in a common place. That is a data warehouse.


  1. The need for information insights that span multiple source systems
  2. Provide a long-term archive for transactional data, so source systems can be purged to maintain high performance
  3. To provide a place where reporting and analytics can occur without creating an additional load on operational systems


PBI is a modern data warehouse lets you bring together all your data at any scale easily, and to get insights through analytical dashboards, operational reports, or advanced analytics for all your users. Get insights from live streaming data with ease. Capture data continuously from any IoT device, or logs from website clickstreams, and process it in near-real time.

Planned Implementation

Once a solution had been tailor-made to meet your needs, we then come up with a proper plan to ensure the execution of the project is done with minimal obstacles. This enables our clients to have a smooth transition towards using the system that we have customized. As a result system teething problems regularly associated with new solutions can be virtually eliminated through proper planning. There will be minimal downtime and disruption to normal operations.

Scalable Technology

As your business expands, more resources will be required. We fully understand the need for our solutions to be scalable, so that you do not have to scrap what you have and start all over again when development occurs. This removes the risk of obsolete technology, a factor that affects most businesses when it comes to expansion. Scalability also ensures that constant technical and consultancy services remain available for your existing systems. This lowers the cost of additional expenditure for upgrades and prevent loss of business opportunity caused by disruptive downtime.