Ransomware Is on the Rise: Are You Prepared to Defend Your Business?

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What You Need to Know to Keep Your Business Safe

Did you know? Ransomware has just evolved?

Lots of companies think that they are well prepared for a ransomware attack. But the truth is, when there is a ransomware attack, the plan somehow does not seem to work.

Let us take a look at a real-life scenario below.

Ransomware Detection

An IT team discovered a ransomware attack on the company’s servers, which had locked everything out and encrypted the data. The company’s backups were also impacted, including tape backups stored in the loader. Therefore, this caused significant losses as production servers were impacted, which were crucial to maintaining the business. The attacker demanded a ransom payment of $80,000 USD in cryptocurrency.

This scenario illustrates how ransomware attacks can cause significant damage to businesses. This highlights the importance of having a robust ransomware prevention and data protection solutions strategy in place. For instance, Pentech’s Enterprise Data Protection Solution (EDPS) is designed to prevent ransomware attacks and minimize the risk of such attacks and their potential impact.

Enterprise Data Protection Solution (EDPS)

Pentech’s EDPS is a combined solution primarily focusing on data protection and cybersecurity for your organization in three key areas, which starts from the prevention from front to middle, then with backup towards the back end.

Pentech Enterprise Data Protection Solution

The solution provides comprehensive protection in three key areas.

Front-End NGAV (Next-Generation Virus) – The first line of defense all businesses need to defend against adversaries. An effective NGAV solution will use innovative technologies to prevent the rapidly changing tactics, techniques, and procedures used by adversaries to breach organizations, including commodity malware, zero-day malware, and even advanced malware-free attacks.

Middle ES (Enterprise Storage) – We prioritize the storage of your organization’s most valuable data with our Enterprise-grade storage that leverages its immutable snapshot technology, which makes your data virtually indestructible. And the best part? These snapshots are created in just a millisecond! Plus, we can restore your data quickly, so you can get back to business in no time.

Back-End PAGS (Pentech Air-Gap Solution) – Backing up your data and systems is critical in ensuring the safety and continuity of your business operations. The PAGS provides robust protection against ransomware attacks, offering an extra layer of defense to your organization’s data. With a success rate of 99.99%, you can trust that your critical data is secure and protected against any potential threats. Don’t wait until it’s too late to implement a reliable backup solution.

With our EDPS, businesses can protect their critical data, prevent costly disruptions, and reduce the risk of having to pay a ransom to regain control of their systems. In addition, our EDPS provides comprehensive ransomware protection by combining innovative technologies like Front-End NGAV, Middle ES, and Back-End PAGS, with the expertise of our skilled cybersecurity team. Thus, businesses can take proactive measures to safeguard their valuable data and minimize the impact of ransomware attacks by partnering with Pentech.

Pentech takes pride in its exceptional team of 30 cybersecurity experts, who possess the skills, expertise, and experience required. We are here to help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity defenses. Our team has a proven track record of partnering with leading organizations across various industries, including financial services and healthcare. In short, you can rest assured that your organization’s valuable assets and data are in capable hands with Pentech’s EDPS.

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Ransomware Is on the Rise: Are You Prepared to Defend Your Business?">