With virtualization, it is now easy and feasible to run several operating systems and applications simultaneously, without the need to expand hardware and network cables, both of which can be costly, difficult to manage and time-consuming.

We pride ourselves in harnessing the power of virtualization via concepts such as server consolidation, all for the present and future benefit of our customers.

Consolidation Of Hardwares

IT systems and applications require hardware to run. Virtualization consolidates demand for numerous or multiple hardware capacity and this makes existing hardware operate more powerfully within more compact space. Savings is derived in terms of space required for a data centre and cost of purchasing many units of hardware. Hardware failure will not greatly disrupt daily business operations since a reduction of hardware dependency results in a more efficient, leaner, smarter system.

Economical And Environmentally Friendly

The reduction of physical resources also means that our business entities can run efficiently with cost savings coming from buying fewer assets to support your system and applications. This also means a reduced energy consumption levels and lower maintenance cost. Less space, less energy and less heat generated safeguards the environment.

Guaranteed Business Continuity

Our business solutions are designed to ensure that you get the best in reliability and continuity. Even with a server or several down caused by technical glitches, interlinked connectivity and resource sharing will ensure that your business still keeps running since other unaffected servers will continue to function. Any remedial action performed on site will not affect the day-to-day operations of the business. It will most likely not even be noticeable by those unaware about it.