Security & Data Protection

Security & Data Protection

Cyber security is an issue that all present and future organisations need to contend with what more with the expansion of Information Technology(IT) particularly the internet and virtual systems in all aspects of commerce.

Our experts ensure your network and communications are properly secured to prevent external threats from causing harm and danger to your business.

Comprehensive Protection Of Company Wide Communications

Before the implementation of our solutions, we identify all associated major and minor risks in your network in order to patch any potential breaches. This strategy ensures paramount security features are classified and detected even before the execution of the project. We strongly believe that the early recognition of threats is absolutely fundamental towards safeguarding and preserving your data.

Recovery Point Of Objective

This determines the extent of downtime plus the efficiency and recovery of compromised data or sudden loss of data. In the event of a destructive and lethal infringement, we ensure constant backup and recovery of your data is available. This enables your business to run smoothly while the breach is detected and repaired. The availability of such backup plans will also give your customers the confidence to engage and invest in your organization’s services.

Constant Vigilance

With proper and regular updates, your network security can always be one step ahead of potential threats. We provide continuous and ongoing vigilance checks to thwart new dangers as and when they are deployed. This gives you peace of mind to focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that Pentech is always looking out for the security of your business. The integrity of your system is assured of through regular virus database updates, firewall updates and regular scanning for flaws, unusual activity and malware.